Nicole Rampersaud


“Trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud opened the festival with an expansive exploration of extended trumpet techniques and electronic interaction. Beginning with bird calls and muted forest cries, she employed both standard and soprano trumpet and extensive looping through multiple microphones to create a world of trumpets—lows, highs, and blips—expanding her clarion horn into its own soundworld.”

- Stuart Broomer, Musicworks review of Women From Space Festival
“The show began with a solo set from local trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud, who blew fitful runs of cascading melody augmented by vigorous muting action, alternately burnishing and dulling the trumpet’s sonority to wring as much tonal range as possible from the instrument. At times, she stopped blowing altogether and simply shook the trumpet violently, the rattling of its slides and valves ringing out frantically in the hushed room.”

- Mark Streeter, NOW Magazine
“The end of one piece featured a stunning trumpet solo from Nicole Rampersaud, bring a reaction of awe from the audience much like one might get from seeing Colin Stetson.”

- Michael Thomas, Grey Owl Point
“Nicole Rampersaud is simply an extraordinary trumpet player, and without a doubt – as they say – a talent deserving wider recognition. With amazing facility and, especially, control of techniques that extend her instrument’s timbral range in astonishing ways, Rampersaud methodically constructs fascinating forms through improvisation.”

- Scott Thomson, Artistic Director, Guelph Jazz Festival
“Toronto trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud’s buttery round tone and melodicism caught my ear in a solo set on Saturday afternoon, and in an ad hoc improvisation with William Parker, Ellwood Epps, and Scott Thomson.”

- Mike Chamberlain, Musicworks magazine review of Something Else! Festival
“Some of the individuals that made impact on my ears were Nicole Rampersaud with excruciatingly vivid trumpet playing…”

- Tom Sekowski, Live Music Report


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Podcast Interviews

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Industry Tactics with Friendly Rich
Episode 62 flowed like hot coffee on a humid summer afternoon. My chat with the jazz master herself, Nicole Rampersaud, who discusses her rise in music and upcoming move to the East Coast!, Industry Tactics with Friendly Rich
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