Looking forward/ahead

It's been a very busy month, composing and preparing for some exciting shows this month, as well as some recording sessions in the next few months.

First up, I'll be playing a Solo Trumpet Set this Thursday at Arraymusic in Toronto.  I'll be opening for Collateral, featuring Sam Shalabi, Norm Adams, and Tim Crofts.  I've been working through some new material, and will be performing some of these pieces, along with some old ones.  

Then, on Friday, I'll be performing at Kazoo! Fest, first in a duo set with Germaine Liu, and then with Joseph Shabason.  I've written some new pieces for Germaine and I, and I'm looking forward to presenting them at this festival.  If you live in or near Guelph, I highly recommend you check out as much of this festival as you can.  The organizers are nothing short of wonderful, and they have put a lot of care and thought into the programming.   

Looking back (briefly), Marilyn Lerner and I played a duo set for the first time in almost a year.  We have been talking about doing a recording for years, and, I'm happy to share that we will be doing just that in the next few months.  

Thanks for visiting and reading!  I hope to see you at a show.  


Nicole Rampersaud