After the After Experimental Music Symposium

It’s been just over two weeks since c_RL (Allison Cameron, Germaine Liu, and I) spent a weekend at Cornell University immersed in dialogue and concerts centred around Experimental Music. I am still unpacking the weekend mentally, and I suspect I will continue to do so for the next while.  

Before I get into any of the specifics, it is essential I mention my deepest gratitude to the organizers of the Symposium, Benjamin Pieket, and Jeremy Strachan, for envisioning and executing what was nothing short of a truly exceptional conference. I have had the honour of playing with Jeremy over the years in a variety of settings in Toronto, and I met Ben for the first time at this Symposium.

Despite my inexperience with academic conferences, I knew right away that this one was different.  Diversity amongst the presenters and performers was a stand out, and led to deep dialogue with a very broad range of perspectives.  The impact for me was that I walked away learning so much, and, more importantly, realizing how much I didn't know.  

I've always been drawn to Experimentalism, regardless of the musical practice or context, mainly because of its inherent ability to foster inclusion.  This symposium was no different - every single person was passionate, gracious, inviting, and brilliant.  It was validating and rewarding to be included amongst people who shared the same passion for Experimentalism.  

Finally, my other takeaway from the weekend was how out of shape I am writing wise.  At the same time, I've been pondering how I can use this site to engage and share content in a new way (well, new for me, anyway).   As such, this "blog" of sorts will serve two purposes: First, as a way of sharing more details around specific projects, and, second, as a way of working on my writing chops.  I thank you for taking the time to read this.  

More soon,